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LPT-01 LAPIS Pan and Tilt Guidance System is designed to position a wide range of products such as various communication antennas, area surveillance radars, multi-spectrum cameras, thermal imagers, infrared and visible illuminators, laser rangefinders.

LPT-01 is designed to withstand environmental conditions so that it can be used in border areas, in port areas with high humidity and in a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. 

LPT-01 has the ability to transmit additional signals of the user to the payload through the slipring within the system. Remote control of the system is provided by the RS-422 serial communication bus located on the embedded system controller.This communication interface also enables the operating parameters of the system (such as speed, position, temperature) to be read through an external computer.

LPT-01 System Features
Weight                                  : 6.5 kg
Size                                      : 372x263x155 mm
Safe Payload                        : 12kg
Max. Torque                          : 36 N.m in each axis
Horizontal (Pan) Movement  : 360
Horizontal Axis Speed           : 3-24 degrees / second
Vertical (Tilt) Movement         : -25 to + 25 (Max. -32 to + 32)
Vertical (Tilt) Axis Speed        : 3-8 degrees / second
Resolution                              : 0.05 degree
Operating Temperature          : Min. -30C, Max + 55C
Storage Temperature             : Min -40C, Max + 60C
Interface                                 : RS-232/485/422, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Leakage                                 : IP 65